Pic courtesy: Aye Kai (photography)

This picture demonstrates the perfect balance of action needed while doing something, In this Case Preparing for ASCP the left glass is over filled and its dangerous because everything will be mixed up in your brain, The Right one is too less which is not a good strategy going to test, and finally the Middle one is well balanced not too less and not too much.

Where and how I start? Follow the Content Guide Line Below:




What Materials  DO I need?

1)Quick Review Cards for Clinical Laboratory Science Examinations [Cards]-Valerie Dietz Polansky MEd MCS (ASCP) (Author)

2)Clinical Laboratory Science Review: A Bottom Line Approach [Paperback]-Patsy Jarreau (Author)

3)Board of Certification Study Guide for Clinical Laboratory Certification Examinations (BOR Study Guides) by Patricia Tanabe and E. Blair Holladay (Aug 1, 2009)

4)Lab CE subscription

How Do I study or Get Ready for the Exam?
First I would like to say that most people Ignore Lab operations, UA, Immunology and Mycology.  They think its not important because they comprise 8 % but some times they going to ask more if you answer incorrectly.You should not take any risk… I will suggest You just spend Minimum 3-4 days reviewing this Minor ones. After you are done then you start with major ones -The Big 4–> BB, Chem, Micro and Hematology/coagulation

Divide and keep atleast 5 days for major subjects, for example you Reviewing Blood Bank, take atleast 5 days, after you are done , go to BOC Blood Bank part and do all the Questions and Then you go to Lab CE and Test yourself by taking only Blood Bank part -25 Question Test. You do the same with Rest Major ones.

In a nut shell you need to know  2-3 facts about diseases and markers to remember , Please keep in mind that its not what you know but its what you remember that will count in this ASCP exam, so try this I made some easy ways to remember stuffs below:

Multiple Myeloma= Rouleaux, viscous serum and Bone lesion
Chronic Myleogenous Leukemia= Lap low and + philadelphia Chromosome.
Hodgkins’s Lymphoma= ReedSternberg cell +, Bimodal Pattern
Non Hodgkins= No RedSternberg cell, No pattern
Gaucher disease= Glucocerbroside, wrinkled or striated cytolasm
Myelofibrosis= Teardrop cells
AST and ALT= both ends with T = HeapaTTTitis= focus on T on hepatitis= so its Acuter Viral Hepatitis
GGT and Alp= PluGGed= focus on P and G= means Bile Obstruction(plugged)

Muscle =S=ASt, C=Ck, L=LD so AST, CK and LD in mucular dystrophy.
I Am Peter Pan with Lips= Amylase and Lipase in Pancreatis
Respiratory= R= Reverse= ph high Co2 low vise versa

Metabolic = MD= direct = in this case HCO3 and Ph= Ph high Hco3 high

Here are sample of my Mnemonics 🙂

organisms that H2S + = Sexy Predator (Saci-Pred) salmon, citrobacter, proteus and edwardsella

PD+= PPM = prot, prov and Morgan.

Citrate + = Enter the Club separately wearing a K band on your wrist
Enter-SePr/K = entero, serratia, prov and Klebsiella

Lactase += EEk = entero, E coli and Klebs ( so this organism will see Pinkish colony on Mackonkey cos they are lactose fermenter.