Most of the main subjects are included here. You can click on the respective field and get help from the notes, tables and figures.
Don’t forget to add your comments in the feedback section.
Stay Blessed.

Here is one of the Review Book for Medical Technology ASCP Preparation-> A Concise of Review of Clinical Lab Science by Joel D —> A Concise Review of Clinical Laboratory Science

10 thoughts on “Subjects

  1. Aleeza

    thank you for creating this site sir! i’ll be taking my ASCP in less than a week. i’m not pressured but i’m not overconfident at the same time for i’ll remember the green glass you’ve shown where i’ll be placing myself for this exam 🙂

    1. ifzal2013 Post author

      Go to Microbiology page….click on BOC micro…it will open in PDF format…bottom you will see Floppy Disk icon…click and save it in ur PC


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