Clinical Chemistry


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AST and ALT= both ends with T = HeapaTTTitis= focus on T on hepatitis= so its Acuter Viral Hepatitis
GGT and Alp= PluGGed= focus on P and G= means Bile Obstruction(plugged)


Muscle =S=ASt, C=Ck, L=LD so AST, CK and LD in mucular dystrophy.
Am Peter Pan with Lips= Amylase and Lipase in Pancreatis
Respiratory= R= Reverse= ph high Co2 low vise versa


Metabolic = MD= direct = in this case HCO3 and Ph= Ph high Hco3 high


10 thoughts on “Clinical Chemistry

      1. ifzal2013 Post author

        They gave a lot of Questions like this QC, Sensitivity all stupid Questions….Damn just came from exam …Thank God I passed it

  1. Natalie M

    Qc failes 3times. ..
    Check: enough calibrator in the tube? Is test masked ( on some analyzers), is calibration ordered? Do you have all nesessary calibrators( we need to add water to some )? Is reagent pack short and few tests left? Is there bubbles in calibrator? Probe can hit the bubble and suck an air. Are you using the right calibrator? Are lables the right ones? ( if applicable)
    1. New aliquote from same bottle
    2. New bottle if QC.
    3. Recalibrate.
    4. Question reagent: some packs are just defective.
    5. Check reagent probes -could be obstraction.
    6. It is never wrong to call technical service

  2. adeleke

    thanks alot. please, upload the remaining boc pdf files (instrumentation, quality control, lab management e.t.c)


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