48 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Nmo

    Finally I passed ASCP.Thanks to you and your website. You won’t believe how relieved I am now. Awesome website buddy, really I mean it very cool. Thanks for helping me and others. God Bless!

  2. RMF

    I just wanted to let you know that I passed my MLS (ASCP) yesterday and partly because of your site. I believe your site was the difference in me passing. I would estimate that about 10-15 questions listed on your site were on my exam.

    Furthermore your guidance and areas to concentrate really helped me especially in bloodbank and the fungi/mycology portion of my exam.

    1. ifzal2013 Post author

      I am glad that you have found this site helpful and congratulation .
      where is the party? Hope I will be invited πŸ™‚ Just Joking
      Anyways I am going to update my site soon. I only finished 70%…after Ipassed my ASCP i did not sleep for a week…I posted everything before I forget…Life is not all about yourself…Sometimes we Have to think for others too.
      Wish you good Luck for a good Job in CLS πŸ™‚

      1. Abdilahi

        A great guy! That is what a humanity all about! Help and guide others so that they can succeed in life!

  3. BePositive

    Hi Ifzal aka labscientist, just wanted to thank you for your website !!!! I just passed my ASCP and your charts especially were such a great help. Thank you again πŸ™‚

  4. Aruba

    Hi Ifzal
    I wanted to stop by and say your site is of a great help to many people it deserve good complements. There are many first time Ascp exam takers who finds it difficult how to even start studying and this site gives good guidance on how to organize and what to focus on. Most importantly the questions gives them a little taste of the actual exam as well. Great work!!

  5. Abdilahi

    Hello Ifzal2013,
    I have had difficulty time in answering these below questions, which were indeed posted online by someone. could you please help me in their right answers?As always,thank you!
    You perform daily maintenance and you get the message “excessive shift” for K. what do you do? Choices- Assay new controls, replace membrane, recalibrate, clean ISE.
    2. Automated hematocrit was 33.0 you perform a manual and you get 33.5. Choices- report automated result, redraw specimen, report manual, etc.
    3. Effects of sulfa drugs and what’s seen on a smear?

  6. minh vu

    Thank you Mr. Ifzal, your web help me alot, specifically the micro note that help me save lot of time.
    I will recall some questions as soon. I hope this website will grow up more than I seeing now.

  7. jord

    hi,I am a new student for ASCPexam,I am so thankful to you for this site.this is really great.I’ve purchased Q&V review book by Polansky.So should I buy quick review cards too?Are they different?others I wish to buy are LABCE online practice test n book by Harr.Are they sufficient for my studies?

  8. IA86

    Hello, to all past and future ascp accredited people. Can anybody suggest a good review book or lecture book for clinical chemistry.
    Thank you

  9. Jhonn Joeffer Limbo

    Good day mr Ifzal, your site is really helpful in my review for ASCP, just wanted to ask where can i find your boc6 honestly i dont know what subject would that be, and also do you have a pdf copy of the card by polansky? that would really be a great help, thank you!

  10. Chris

    So, I just took my MLS exam for a second time and I passed! I bought Harr, LabCE and Polansky cards. I followed the steps described to study. Had 65-70% on subject tests, 70-80% on 100 question MT exams and 56% on exams that adjusted to my knowledge with average difficulty of 7.00. Studied 3months everyday for 2-3 hours took exams on disc in Harr book including book questions and took fresh notes on blank printer paper until I had a nice set of notes… broke up study time 1 month Chem, 1 month Micro, 2 weeks Heme, 1 week blood bank, one week all the rest. Also advice from exam… study ANA’s. Goid luck all.. I’m out of here!

  11. Freshnelalcoy

    I take the exam this morning and I fail..the exam is so hard its all about analytical question how to solve discrepancy…machine trouble shooting..identifying graphs in immunology about prozone, in micro ol I have 5 question which is ol about solving a problem about the culture etc…no biochemical..ol I know is the no 1question about s.aureus what ferment…in hema the question is More on analytical side how to solve certain result

  12. nil

    I want to thank you Labscientis. Your micro chart is awesome and recall are great help. I passed the exam! I will post my recalls soon.

    1. nil

      1) Transudate contain what?
      – Protein

      2) Cause of xanthochromic?
      – Bili

      3) Antler like hyphae
      – T. schoenleinii

      4) How to differentiate Providencia and Morganella?
      – Citrate

      5) Why RPR will have false result?
      – RA

      6) Blood gas exposure to air what happen to pH and CO2?
      – pH will be up and will go down and CO2 will down and up if prolong.

      7) How to detect Rickettsia?
      – Serology

      8) Contact lens infection
      – Acanthamoeba

      9) Bacteria after jaw injury
      – Vionella

      10) Alpha thalassemia content
      – Bart’s

      11) What contain Valinomycin in electrode-
      – K

      12) Kirby bauer method zone is too small what to adjust-
      – pH

      13) Picture of teardrop cell and cause
      – Myelofibrosis

      14) How to detect fibrinogen activity?
      – TT

      15) What happen if Patients have factor VIII deficiency?
      – APTT will be prolong after 2 hour incubation. (prolong than control)

      16) How to detect E coli O:157
      – Serology

      17) Hepatitis A infection what antigen you see?
      – HAV

  13. ruru

    Hello! First off, thanks for taking the time and effort to put together such a great site. Your notes and suggestions are extremely helpful! I’m trying to prepare for the exam for molecular biology technologist (MB) and I was wondering if you would happen to have any study material that would be useful for that? especially the BOC questions for molecular biology. Thanks again!

  14. Jennifer Legra

    Hi! Your site is awesome! I noticed you are missing parts of the BOC study guide 5th edition. I have the missing sections if you would like.


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