8 thoughts on “Guidance

  1. ifzal2013 Post author

    If you pass ASCP you will automatically get ASCP certification and also New York State License at the same time
    Whereas if you take just NY state license which is basically same exam …you just get one and you cant move to any other state or country…you are basically stuck in one place…Hope that helps 🙂

  2. cooolitgirl

    First, i want to thank you for your help and sharing your knowledge in the CLS exam. I have yet yo explore and learn fromyour insights.I graduated in 1991 and never worked as a lab scientist.Do you think i shld sign up for a review class or just study on my own with your guides and book? Do you have the pdf for the BOCbook?

  3. Noseba

    Alsalmo alikom
    I’m Preparing to take ASCP MT exam but I have no idea how I should start ?what book or material I should read ? Cloud you please give advices to pass this exam


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