boc3 hematology

Multiple Myeloma= Rouleaux, viscous serum and Bone lesion
Chronic Myleogenous Leukemia= Lap low and + philadelphia Chromosome.
Hodgkins’s Lymphoma= ReedSternberg cell +, Bimodal Pattern
Non Hodgkins= No RedSternberg cell, No pattern
Gaucher disease= Glucocerbroside, wrinkled or striated cytolasm
Myelofibrosis= Teardrop cells
Exam Questions from Hematology:
1.In what Condition or disease you expect to see the following Blood Smear?
tear Drop_cells

2. What disease is associated with the following Blood Smear?

3) What Test to screen Sickle cell disease? Do remember the full name of the test.
Solubility Test, Sodium Dithionate

4) Blast cell= 6%, Meta=  3% , myelo=20%, Promyelo= 3%,
WBC=1.8  *10^3, Red Blood cells= 4.6 *10^6, Plt: 903*10^3.
Segs =50 %, Bands= 17%, Lymph=13%, Mono=3 %
This result is consistent with?
a. Neutrophilic Lekomoid reaction
b. Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia
c.Acute Myelocytic Leukemia

5)CD 3+, CD4-, CD8+, Surface Ig(-) , Cell Marker?
a.B Cells, b.T cell, c.Plasma Cell?

6) MCV =92, MCHC= Normal
Automated cell counter gave result as Microcytic, Normochromic , What’s the next step?
7) You see lots of eosinophil with a high LAP score, what do you do?
a. Report as 4+ b. Grade according to the Reaction c. Order a New blood sample
8) When you see Rouleaux on Blood Smear, how will you fix the issue?

9) APTT  and TT all prolonged?
a. Factor 5 b.protein C c.Factor 9
10) Patients with DIC?
a. Normal APTT and TT?
b. APTT prolong TT normal
c. APTT normal and TT prolonged
11) Lupus Anticoagulant = Dilute Russel’s Viper Venom screening.





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