Multiple Myeloma= Rouleaux, viscous serum and Bone lesion
Chronic Myleogenous Leukemia= Lap low and + philadelphia Chromosome.
Hodgkins’s Lymphoma= ReedSternberg cell +, Bimodal Pattern
Non Hodgkins= No RedSternberg cell, No pattern
Gaucher disease= Glucocerbroside, wrinkled or striated cytolasm
Myelofibrosis= Teardrop cells


15 thoughts on “Hematology

  1. Che

    Thank you, I passed my ASCPi exam and got my CLS license, now I can start job hunting here in Southern California. Thanks again

  2. Steve

    Hi, Can anybody please help? I can’t find Section 6: Molecular Biology (page 369-380) and Section 8: Laboratory operations (page 427- 484) from the BOC Study guide 5th edition

  3. Estefania

    Hello, I’m starting to get ready for the ascp test for medical science and I would like to know some tips of how can I study?

    Thank you


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