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  1. Tess

    Thank you so much , this will help me in my exam one week from now. I’ ll give my recalls after the exam to contribute to this site.

  2. ifzal2013 Post author

    Q. Why is albumin the first protein to be detected in tests for renal failure?

    a. its molecular size is largest

    b. its molecular size is smallest

    c. it is very negatively charged

      1. ifzal2013 Post author

        I did not do research on this one.,… I went with what most peoples said on Indeed…So I chose Smallest…if its largest it will have hard time going thru the kidney filter

  3. ifzal2013 Post author

    @Nirali —-> When Both Factors r prolonged APTT and PT then its common factor, must be Factor 5
    common Pathway= 1,2,5 and 10
    For DIC everything is prolonged and you see + D Dimer, I have update the choice its shud be all prolonged…sorry abt that

  4. Nmon

    Thanks a lot for your reply..really Thank you for helping us..
    How about You see lots of eosinophil with a high LAP score, what do you do? I don’t know should they be counted?

    1. ifzal2013 Post author

      I think it shud be Grade according to Reaction
      There is a condition where there is Medication adverse effect and in that case you see Eoso with high LAP

    2. ifzal2013 Post author

      Also check the Micro, i added a small chart, the 1st and simplest one and I got 3 Questions from that chart . You are supposed to memorise that chart in 5 mins
      I am adding more..I got like 20 Questions in Micro

    1. ifzal2013 Post author

      well not all of them…I did not add the most important one yet…Thats the major one…you will see a lot of Question from that chart because most reactions or tests they do in all major lab in Micro comprises of those organism…

  5. Che

    Can you help me with the ascp question ” how many blood bag to prepare platelet spheres is?” Also. “if 4 units are needed how many units should a med tech have to cross match if there’s is 68% Jkb and 29% E. “. I can’t find the solution in Harr book

  6. minh vu

    THank you Ifza, I just passed the second ASCP. I found the microbiology help me alot.
    I will recall some questions (around 10-20) tomorrow.

  7. Varsh.

    Hello , I need the answer of this question.
    Cryoprecipited AHF product was thawed/prepared at 10am, patient has X-Ray at 2pm ( takes about few hours) , what will you do with the product?

      1. Clarisse

        Hi Ifzal !
        Thank you so very much!!! ๐Ÿ‘I’m sure that it will be of great help to me and other candidates..ill just check the update regularly on our site group .. ๐Ÿ˜„

    1. tess

      With regard to croprecipitate, you have to discard it if after 4hours pooled . My answer to that question is give it before the Xray of the patient. That is begore 4 hours . That is one of the choices in the exam. Good luck!

      1. Clarisse

        Hi Tess
        When did you take the certification?
        I’m gonna take it in a few weeks now.. I’m so nervous๐Ÿ˜ฐWill you give additional recall questions and advice ?? If you don’t mind..
        Thank you!

    2. tess

      Croprecipitate if thawed you can you use it within 6 hours if pooled within 4 hours. Remember this. Read the question carefully it makes difference as to time.

  8. Jessi

    So the question i remember from my ascp exam: 0.1 mL of serum diluted with 1.9 of water in order to resolve above assay range flag. The of this dilution 2.0 mL was taken and added 3 more mL of water and result came out as 120. What is the result that should be reported in the final report on this dilution? A. 600 b. 1200, c. 6000 or c. 12000

  9. Elise

    Also…cortisol levels increase blood glucose (not decrease). All hormones increase glucose except insulin.

  10. lilian

    i just did the ASCPi and passed, this web site was of great help, below are some questions that i got
    1.a child who had mot ball intoxication, what can you find in the blood smear
    a. heinz bodies
    b. basophilic stipplling
    2. a person who uses home made normal saline to clean the lenses with corneal ulceration
    a. toxoblasma gondii
    b. naeglera
    c. acantamoeba
    d. entamoeba hartmani.
    3. a person with glucose sugar of 195mmmol/l and HbA1c of 5% shows
    a.controlled condition in the past weeks
    b. poor control
    will post more once I am relaxed.
    this site is the best you can trust it.
    thanks author

  11. lilian

    .1 mL of serum diluted with 1.9 of water in order to resolve above assay range flag. The of this dilution 2.0 mL was taken and added 3 more mL of water and result came out as 120. What is the result that should be reported in the final report on this dilution? A. 600 b. 1200, c. 6000 or c. 12000
    2.use of caffein in unconjugated bilirubin
    3.cryprecipitate was thawed at 8.00 am what time and date will it be transfused before it expires
    4.I had two questions on mycology but I can not remember since i never read mycology so was writing any answer.
    5.ALP was elevated what other test would you do to confirm biliary obstruction
    will update more as I recall.

    1. irina

      Hi Lilian, congratulation an passing the exam. Can you suggest a lecture book and a study guide book that you used for clinical chemistry and hematology. Thank you

      1. Lilian

        Hi irina thanks. I did not buy any book because I could not afford I only used the YouTube video lectures and ppt lecture nots found on the internet for all my reading. Thank God I came across this website in my final week of preparation, I used the materials found in here and it really saved me. Good luck.

  12. Isa

    To help my fellow students I’m selling my Success in clinical Lab science book on EBAY for less than listed prices. So, feel free to check it out. I recently took my exam an passed and I praise God for that! I had a lot of BBK questions and microbiology I would recommend to know these subjects the most.

  13. Teffy

    Took the ASCP exam today and I passed!The questions posted here were very helpful and your Micro notes were excellent.
    For reference: I am a recently graduated MLS student. To study I used my class notes in combination with Polansky cards and labce to see where I stood on test taking (as I studied I did single subject testing and only one adaptive mode test). Our school program was very intensive and I feel it prepared me well for the exam, but as you have mentioned it is what you remember that counts. The exam questions were very tricky, not a straight answer kind of question but more of a ruling out type question.
    I had several calculation questions compared to my classmate who had none. At-least two were on the units to be checked for an antigen (know frequencies), question on relative vs. absolute lymphopenia. It felt as thought most of my exam was focused on blood banking. One question on Anti-A1, one on baby with positive DAT,one on mom with negative screen,one Anti-i, discrepancies in ABO, high frequency AB and low Frequency, one weird panel on cord cells that was being diluted, different AB questions.
    I will try to give some questions tomorrow if I can remember. Anyways thank you for this website and much success to all! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. aseil

    Hi ,
    I am taking ASCPi (MT) , I have many questions from my frinds who pass this test and I am woundering am I gonna have similar to thire questions since I live here in US , and they live in Middel East

  15. Kafarel Delva

    I took the exam on 20th of September and I passed. This site was a huge help. You pretty have a general idea of everything, and not just know by heart but understand the concept. The questions I had weren’t straight to the point. The first 82 questions very hard after that the last 17 was straight forward like identify bilirubin crystals, corrected wbc calculation. If you have any questions, feel free

  16. aseil

    Hi , I just took the ASCPi (MT) yesterday And I paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassed, I thank GOD for this so so so much , and this web site is Life saver , trust me in this ,

  17. Vernon

    Hi. Any thoughts of the rumored new set of ASCP questions? I just started studying and I will be taking mine in 2months. thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. asim

      its too large to be sent on email since email only accept up to 20 mb only โ€ฆwhat should i do ???

      1. ifzal2013 Post author

        Do you have facebook Account. You can make a group, give it name File Upload and after uploading the File, paste the link here if you know what I am saying.

  18. fatima

    Ifzal, what about medical technologist in chemistry only, Do you anyone that took it. How difficult can it be. Please let me know. I am studying from the polansky cards, harr( which I find difficult and in depth) , labce and other school materials. Thank you very much.

  19. KK

    All you do just upload file into dropbox and send link to me. I can download that file from your link. Very easy. Thanks


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